11th World Environmental Education Congress
Building Bridges in Times of Climate Urgency
14-18 March 2022 PragueCZECH REPUBLIC


11. Světový kongres environmentální výchovy



Praha – Více než 550 expertů a expertek na environmentální výchovu a vzdělávání z přibližně padesáti zemí příští týden přijede do Prahy nebo se zapojí online do 11. Světového kongresu environmentální výchovy. Česko je první středoevropskou zemí, která tento kongres v jeho téměř dvacetileté historii pořádá. Svojí velikostí jde o jednu z největších pedagogických konferencí v dějinách České republiky.

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To our friends in Ukraine


Dear environmental and sustainability education community, dear colleagues and friends,

our team is responsible for the organization of the 11th World Environmental Education Congress. We started with the idea of "building bridges" to highlight the need for mutual understanding among different perspectives in our field. There is no sustainability without mutual understanding.

These days, we experience the attack of the army of the Russian Federation on Ukraine. We are horrified. We cannot stay polite and neutral. There is no sustainaibility without peace. There is no place for environmental education in a battle zone. We want to promote understanding, but we cannot accept the perspective of those who started this brutal invasion. We are educators and researchers, not politicians. We are people of words, not weapons. Words are what we use now.

We stand for peace!

To our friends in Ukraine – we are with you. The Congress virtual platform with the online program is open to you and you can use it as a safe space to spread the word. Let us know how we can help you.

We ask our colleagues in Russian Federation – use your influence to stop the war. Do not let your politicians lead the war in your name. You are members of our community. We believe that any of us has the potential to contribute to peace which is a fundamental premise to a sustainable world.

To all of us – let's use our influence to stop the war. Let's promote peace. If you have a chance to invite and contact any of your Ukrainian colleagues, let them know about this possibility.

There is no sustainability without peace. Stop the war! Stop the Russian aggression in Ukraine!

On behalf of the local organizing team of the 11th World Environmental Education Congress

Jan Činčera, Masaryk University

The Pandemic Situation is Improving: From 2G+ to the 3G rule.


In light of the rapid improvement of the pandemic situation in the Czech Republic, we are changing the previously announced 2G+ rule to the "3G". It means that the onsite participation at WEEC is open for anyone who is either recovered, vaccinated, or tested.

If you have recovered from coronavirus, you can present your positive test result (valid from 11 to 180 days after the positive test) as proof.

For approving your test, you can present a negative PCR test no more than 48 hours old or a negative rapid antigen test that is a maximum of 24 hours old.

For the vaccination,

  • After the second shot, the vaccination certificate is valid for 180 days.
  • After the booster shot (third dose), the vaccination certificate is valid for 270 days.
  • Covid vaccines that require 1 shot (e.g. Johnson & Johnson)
    • The vaccination certificate is valid for 270 days from the 22nd day after the vaccination. After the booster shot, the vaccination certificate is valid for 180 days.

We also want to inform you that since March 13, mouth and nose protection is not mandatory in the Czech Republic (except for public transport and medical facilities). However, we ask you to wear an FFP2, KN95, or nano mask in the Congress Center to keep a higher level of health protection. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation!

How does online participation look like?


The 11th WEEC, as the first in its history, applies the hybrid conference format. As a result, participants may choose between online and onsite participation. In light of the changing pandemic situation, participants may register either online or onsite and switch between these modes by the end of December 2021.


How does online participation look like?


As an online participant,

  • you can actively participate by submitting your presentation or participating without a presentation;
  • you can choose if to introduce your presentation in one of the virtual rooms in real-time and get immediate feedback or just to upload it on the virtual platform and discuss it on the discussion forum;
  • you will have access to the virtual platform with all of the ongoing online presentations and workshops, streamed onsite plenary sessions, and recorded all of the parallel (both online and onsite sessions);
  • you can discuss selected topics with all of the WEEC participants;
  • you can access the virtual platform up to one year after closing WEEC.


The online presentation is reasonable if you want to be a part of WEEC but cannot come to Prague. Let’s join us online!

Any questions about the online WEEC? Contact Jan, e-mail: cincera@mail.muni.cz

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